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The Thin Red Line

Sudden Strike Forever Map  + The Thin Red Line

'Sudden Strike Forever' Map.

And Information about Guadalcanal Island 1942.

One of my hobbies is studying about WW1 and WW2 facts. Also enjoying a fantastic recent PC game called "Sudden Strike Forever". The realism of units and battle is excellent. See the screenshot here if you are new to this game.

And the Sudden Strike Forever 'The Thin Red Line' single player MAP is here if you want to skip details of why I made the MAP. (included in the ZIP are two HTML files with excellent details of what happened at Guadalcanal Island in 1942-43)

Also I made a photo collage poster for your PC desktop here dedicated to the movie "The Thin Red Line" and events that took place on Guadalcanal Island in 1942-43. (it is also included in the ZIP)

No matter how perfect one wishes things to be... The Movie "The Thin Red Line" is a totally fantastic movie. (further details of that movie at

In a short space of just over two hours the movie throws you deep into the truth and reality of the horrors of the Guadalcanal Island Campaign, and a little of everyone's experience on all sides. That movie encouraged me and a few friends to study more about the event because we were born between 1960 and 1978. And we didn't have very much of an idea the Imperial Japanese Army were so close to invading Australia and New Zealand, after having such a devastating effect on most of Asia. (the Imperial Japanese Government at that time may have even wished to rule the entire Earth aggressively)

The government of Japan recently admitted they were the aggressors. And by searching the world news around the world you will see that newly published text books in Japan falsely report on the events of just over 55+ years ago. Many of my friends are from Japan and Russia and we have no animosity toward any whole country at all. But seeing intelligent Japanese minds rewrite history, stating "why dwell on the past?"... saddened us after all the USA and Japanese people have done to make Japan as it is today. (I have lived in Japan)

Truth is extremely important. If you bend the truth a little and then a little more then make more lies and fantasy, then try and cover the lies and stories with more lies... you will create a disaster. Even if the best brains and computers dabble in lies and fantasy too much they might eventually be lost in "no-mans-land". An example of truth is the Earth... we can see it, touch it, swim in it's oceans, fly through the air, and love or hate any kind of life on this planet. That is the basis of truth. Most people prefer truth and facts because truth has been proven to be effective in progress towards a better life.

Fantasy and non-reality can be experienced in PC games. That is fine and not poor ethics or against the law. Fantasy and non-reality in PC games and fiction stories is widely regarded as healthy, entertaining, horror, stimulating, relaxing, enjoyable, or fun, etc. But fantasy, lies, and non-reality is not suitable for HISTORY BOOKS! ... read more about the facts here called "Japan Rewriting History Books".

More information here...
JAPAN: Far right rewrites history.

Anyway, the Internet is the most Democratizing Force in this modern world. If anyone steps out of line, i.e. "rewriting history books"... they will be seen by the whole world. By everyone on Earth! Really bad news, or really good news spreads around the Internet like a hot knife on butter, and grows like a snowball rolling down the biggest mountain.

By the way, many of my Japanese friends today say that their grandparents were forced into the aggressive invasion of Asia and the Pacific. Their grandparents said that if they refused to fight for Imperial Japan... they would be tortured (as in beaten) or classed as "hikokumin" and deeply shunned by society or killed. Life in WW1 and WW2 was harsh. People were controlled and being used and thrown around like peanuts. Also many other of my Japanese friends don't know much about the Pacific Wars because it is not taught at school. And rather a taboo subject I suppose. I had a total of about 80 flatmates over a period of time recently. I speak Japanese and say... Goshinpai nasaranaide kudasai shourai wa akarui deshou. Ganbarimashou. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

The Thin Red Line / Guadalcanal Island 1942-43 / Sudden Strike Forever Map.

'Sudden Strike Forever' PC game Screenshot. ^

Sudden Strike Forever - The Thin Red Line

Sudden Strike Forever - 'The Thin Red Line' Map. ^

Download here

Please read the text file included in the ZIP.
(there are two truthful history HTML files included also.
Thanks to the "World War II Factbook" online)

Guadalcanal 1942 Free Desktop Photo Collage. ^

Guadalcanal Island 1942-43 ... The Thin Red Line

(C) everything all yours to share with your friends.
...and enemies  ;)
A big thanks to Lynn Stevens of the UFO disclosure project supporters and archive page here... ....for help with HTML and for hosting this 'The Thin Red Line' Map page. As I couldn't place everything at University or at my parents workplace. And I didn't want to create a website at Geocities or Tripod just for one map. But I might make another MAP about extraterrestrials invading Earth ;]

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