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Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker

extraterrestrial robotsThis page is a 'show of respect' for two men that have shared some news about an incredible event. Dedicated to Mr Charles Hickson and Mr Calvin Parker.

Firstly I want to say that friends and I for many years have been studying the abduction case of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, occurring at Pascagoula, Mississippi, on the 11th of October 1973. This is actually the main reason we created a UFO related site. Your experience was the spark that made us investigate and pay attention.

Pascagoula, MississippiI want to say to you both that we admire your courage and honesty. I also want to say that one day when I get a million dollars, I'm going to give you both a large sum of money. Because I believe humankind should investigate you both respectfully, (as some people have done) and you should be compensated with a modest sum of money for your efforts and determination to be honest and not selfish. What I mean is, if that experience really did happen to you both, then it is as profound as humankind stepping foot on the moon. Sometimes I feel sad that hardly anyone on Earth knows about your experience. For example every time I go to the city, there is someone somewhere inviting me to church or asking me to read the bible or religious pamphlets. And that is ok because I do believe in God. And I believe in life on other planets, and I believe in Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.

But if I stand in the city handing out pamphlets about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and Space related information..... many people are going to threaten me with loony-bins and medication. That is the sad part.

Sure I don't know the whole story, and some ETs are friendly, and some might not be. And I understand that the US Air Force can't have super advanced technology in the hands of rouge countries. But that doesn't justify blatant ridicule of a subject that fascinates us new generation today. Although, I must admit, I personally might have pissed my pants if what happened to you happened to me  :)

I have a lot to do in life, and Charles Hickson is not getting any younger at the age of about 70 today, (2001). So I have no idea if my wish will come true to give you both money to ease the stress you've experienced by the 'close encounter examination' and stress from some of the general public... but that's my wish. I thank you for all your honesty and efforts.

To see the videos of you both at WJTV recently is a special moment for us today. God, good people, and good extraterrestrials bless you both. Sorry if my words here sound a bit emotional or strange. But I too, am trying to be as honest as possible. Take care and happiness to you and your families.

Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker today.

Charles Hickson
Calvin Parker
Recent interview with Charles Hickson in his home about his experience.
From a tape he produced in 1993, Calvin Parker details accounts of alien abduction.

Photo of Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker in shock, 1973.

Photo of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker in shock, 1973.

1973: Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker: Abduction of the two Mississippi fishermen, the event that touched off "The UFO Siege of '73," one of the biggest UFO flaps since Roswell in 1947. On October 11, 1973, at 9 p.m., Charles Hickson, 42, and Calvin Parker, 19, were fishing on a pier in Pascagoula, Mississippi near the Shaupeter Shipyard. "They heard a buzzing behind them, turned around and were terrified to see an approximately 10-foot-wide, 8-foot-high, glowing egg-shaped object with blue lights hovering above the ground about 40 feet away."

"As they watched, a door appeared at the bottom of the object and three gray-skinned creatures floated out." "The aliens were about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths and conical structures sticking out where their noses and ears would be. They also had rounded feet, clawed hands and no eyes." "Two of the beings grabbed Hickson, while the third grabbed Parker. The 19-year-old immediately fainted with fright. Hickson, who remained conscious, claimed that the creatures floated them into a brightly lit room aboard the UFO. The two men were examined with some sort of electronic eye that Hickson reported 'hung in mid-air with no visible connection to any other part of the compartment.'"

"Twenty minutes after the incredible events began, Hickson and Parker were returned to the riverside. The UFO rose straight into the air and shot out of sight." "They said that none of the creatures communicated with them; the only sound coming from the aliens was buzzing. To this day, Hickson believes that the mechanical-like movements and buzzing indicates the abductors were robots." Parker, now 47, lives in Texas. Hickson is 70 and currently resides in Gautier, Mississippi. In 1983, he wrote a book about his encounter entitled UFO Contact at Pascagoula. He and Calvin never wanted to make money out of the experience for fear of people shouting "Hoax". And over the past 20 years they have turned down movie contracts for the same reason. But I believe they should be allowed to write books and make a movie about it. The director and producer of the movie called 'The Insider' (1999) would be perfect to make a movie about Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.


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