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Welcome. The following information is a combination of recent UFO related news, events, archives, UseNet and NewsGroups postings, messages, or theories. Some of the information has been collected from

Aliens UFOs News Archives

The following text is archive only....... the following information may be fact or fiction.

The best news about UFOs and Extraterrestrial evidence, on Earth ! The UFO Disclosure Event was a complete success. Most Media News TV and Media Newspapers were there from the USA and from around the World. i.e. ABC News was there in force and heard profound truths amongst the huge crowd of witnesses, news reporters, and attendees. The good news is that the two hour live event has been archived... You can go and see a copy of the 'UFO Disclosure Project event' free now! Go and have a look for yourself..... Or maybe updated details from here... Or maybe further information here... "The biggest news story on Planet Earth today!" "Establishes without any doubt the reality of the UFO and Alien phenomena" "Historical, and nothing short of monumental"

----- Major Internet. Hack ? --------

We strongly believe that was hacked or attacked with something similar to a DOS 'denial of service' attack. A very good attempt that shut down the entire site, but got everything back online, and we are so happy and proud of your professional reliable efforts to have given all the enthusiastic faithful public that "live UFO Disclosure Project event". Thank you so much!

Update: According to management of, which was airing the webcast of the Disclosure Project press conference, they were hit with sophisticated jamming. They had never experienced anything like it in the hundreds of webcasts they had conducted. It was not hacking and it was not the result of not enough bandwidth capabilities. Approximately 250,000 connections were made to view the live webcast - a record for that site. As a result of the jamming the webcast was down for about 10 to 15% of the time. They received hundreds of queries as to what the problem was. This was ConnectLive's May 9th message about the jamming: "If you are having trouble connecting, do not fear... it will be archived in its entirety for the next 6 months. The archive will be placed online this afternoon. There have been a number of sophisticated attempts to jam the signal, however, we have very successfully managed to get around those attempts and thousands of people have watched the live broadcast. Please keep trying." The press conference has been archived in its entirety, and will be available in the archive until Nov. 9th, 2001 (it is still online) at...

The VHS video tape of the May 9th press conference is now available for order at the above web site as well. (they have DVD available now too)

-- Free News and Information --

We people who have been following Dr Steven Greer's wonderful fine honest good efforts over the years, dedicate our lives to you DR Steven Greer and the CSETI team. (Many people around the world have risked their lives for the truth about UFOs..... read details here) We all know how good and clever and honest you are Steven. The fact is... if everyone on Planet Earth was like you or followed the rule "Do to others as you would have them do to you" ... we wouldn't have any major problems in our World now. Some of us like you gave up our full-time jobs to help the CSETI team's online efforts, we work part time to live and part time for facts to help the truth come out because we want....

1. Honesty.

2. Striving for almost zero pollution.

3. Creating thousands of huge botanical gardens.

4. Striving for almost zero crime.

5. Giving the Public wonderful schools and universities.

6. etc...

Thank you DR Steven Greer, the CSETI team, and the thousands of other top people that helped the "UFO disclosure project" event.You don't have to read the following... (we know you are very busy)

Information (BETA) - (needs to be proof checked)
(abstract and archive text at this stage) - (the following text may be fiction or nonfiction)

--- Can Extraterrestrial Craft Crash ? ---

People at the message boards around the internet, and people around the world can't come to terms with the 'UFO disclosure project'. People often say how could advanced Extraterrestrial craft be so fallible to crash on Earth. We have four ideas to point out.......

1. In 5000 years from now, Humankind will still have accidents or make a mistake once in a while.

2. Crashed Extraterrestrial craft are not recovered by Extraterrestrials because they possibly watch and want to see what we do with that crashed craft.

3. Maybe there are over a million inhabited planets just in our Milky Way Galaxy. And some of the 'not so advanced beings' visiting in a scout ship might not be able to retrieve their crashed craft before human Special Operations retrieve and conceal that crashed craft.

4. We have a strong feeling after reading all the books, and watching all the videos, etc... that there is a group of beings or an automated super advanced system watching and recording the progress of humankind on Earth. (and possibly many other evolving planets) Knowledge and new discoveries are the greatest jewels for advanced life forms in the Universe. We Humans only just got out of wooden ships about 200 years ago. But today, if we make one tiny little new discovery that the "automated super advanced monitoring system" records... then they hit the jackpot with all their efforts to monitor us. (this theory is not impossible for an advanced 'human race' to put into effect even, let alone advanced Extraterrestrials) People who have watched the 2.5 hour online free 'UFO disclosure event' now know for a fact that hundreds and thousands of Extraterrestrial craft have visited Earth for thousands of years or longer. If any one of them wanted to wipe out or conquer the human race... they could have done it long ago or yesterday. we couldn't imagine a super advanced civilization wasting their time attacking us on planet Earth just for kicks. There are plenty of natural or artificial places in the Milk Way Galaxy for them all to live in peace, enjoying education and leisure. On this planet... nearly everytime we turn the TV on there is someone shooting a person, or there is a war, or people are attacking monsters, or there is a violent fight or abuse. It is crazy. Oh sure in video games it can be stimulating, entertaining and skill building. Also the movies 'Thin Red Line' and 'Saving Private Ryan' are excellent movies but sad historic events that will never go away. Those two movies are like documentaries and highly recommended viewing. In some way or another these days it is certainly important to have super advanced weapons for defense. But we all need to somehow move away from violence. Because the longer that attitude continues... the bigger that violent legacy of the documentary of the human race will be. The kind of person we aspire to... even though he makes violent movies... is Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'In real life' is strong, intelligent, powerful, honest, and would never hurt anyone. So please enjoy goodness and peace, then discover a whole new wonderful world.

------ Good honest clever people -------

DR Steven M. Greer as you all have seen with many other wonderful good honest clever people have worked so hard. DR Steven M. Greer is a man to be remembered forever, as a good soul who risked his life for goodness and truth. The good truth about the UFO cover-up is out now amongst the TV News, Newspaper Media and on the Internet. around the World. Also a special thanks to everyone who participated in, and attended the fantastic UFO Disclosure Project event. Without you all... there would still today be a backward reality. Truth has been won by honesty, risk, and the goodness of humankind. People deserve to advance forward with a better future. If everyone in rogue countries were good honest reliable people... we wouldn't have a bloody problem on this Planet Earth! Would we!! Recently, fossil hunters found the bones of a 6 million year old man. (he walked on two legs) That means that for more than 6 million years humankind has suffered the freezing cold, or searing heat, unbearable pain from injury or disease. For longer than 6 million years humankind has suffered hunger and thirst, wars, and hellish living conditions. Today with the knowledge gained by organizations, military, government, and related witnesses to UFO events and projects from around the world... we finally have the power to create heaven on Earth for everyone. 1. Striving for almost zero pollution. 2. Creating thousands of huge botanical gardens. 3. Striving for almost zero crime. 4. Giving the Public wonderful schools. "Today is history"

------ What happens next? -------
Here are some thoughts to ponder....
1. The "UFO Disclosure Event" is archived for everyone on Earth to see for the next six months or longer for free. Here......
Or maybe updated details from here...
Or maybe further information here...
2. That video will be backed up by further evidence and details.
3. The TV NEWS MEDIA and NEWS PAPERS will scurry around themselves wondering who is going to get the best TV ratings and/or who is going to be most forthcoming.
4. World Nations will stop their hate toward each other and realize all people on Earth are one. It will be hard at first but goodness wins. (Well, we don't think any kind of news about UFOs or Extraterrestrial life... or anything... could stop the badness in a certain person in Iraq. He spends hundreds of millions of dollars on new palaces every year for himself, instead of looking after his people)
5. The super top secret organizations and facilities will continue more than ever before, to safeguard advanced education, national security, and the democratic way of life.
6. The public of the world can enjoy this special moment in history. The 'UFO disclosure event' is as wonderful as the news of say... humans landing on Mars, etc.
7. Be happy !
8. Be good, because the bad ones get caught.

Top of this page

There is no need to read the following. (this is personal) ==============================================
----- Rude Skeptics and UFO debunkers --------
You UFO debunking crazy sceptical garbage billowing discombobulating malicious slander writers and those of you who have been attacking Dr Steven M. Greer with your lies and hate will now have to hide in a dark cloud of bad farts. We don't hate you, we love you. Quote...
"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -Albert Einstein.

Update: Mirko and Lynn were talking about Bob Lazar in News Groups.... and some strangers there threatened them with "are you still f@#king little boys?"..... and we have had two stalkers to our UFO club so far. One was called "cuseemesex" and the other was "preteen1101"..... plus a new member called "thefuknpimp". and have permanent records of these people.

Yes, some friends and I became shocked at the huge force of people all over the world that debunk ET life or UFOs, etc... Some of these diligent groups sit in Yahoo chat, or often visit Yahoo public messages with utter gobbledy gook and non-related idiot chat and sometimes sexual threats. We know of a number of different types of organizations involved in this ridicule and discombobulation. People in 200 or 500 years from now will look back at the year 2000 or 2001 with surprise at the powerlessness of the populations to wake up. And the biggest concern is the methods some of these organizations use to ridicule people. They often use medication or threatening abnormal sexual innuendos.

All we say to the good folk out there is.... don't let the lies and hate scare you into numbness. Be strong and above all be good. Astronomy and the possibility of life throughout our galaxy is fascinating.
There is no need to read the following. (this is personal)
Update: --- Idiots and/or Bad People and/or just Good Debunkers ---
We would also like to say... a particular #UFO chat channel in IRC might be owned by a few idiots and/or paid debunkers who hate the truth about UFOs and space. we have been watching them for years. They are just one example of the power and determination of the scum on this planet that continue to lie and keep humanity in a backward state. There has been a war of truth and lies online on the internet and most people at a particular IRC chat channel have been publicly discrediting Dr Steven Greer for as long as we have been watching them. Namely a jerk called "nuncius". (and others) He sat there all night telling bad lies about Dr Steven Greer on the day of the live 2.5 hour disclosure project broadcast. Note: (this information has been partly updated but is mainly text archive only) - (collected from and other log files, etc.)

This is a warning from a friend to all good UFO researchers and TV stations or Internet Web sites and people that like chatting online... This friend is one person of a group of 'UFO Disclosure Project' supporters from New Zealand. He has been visiting the IRC server 'Chatnet' #UFO channel for about 5 weeks using different nicknames, He is always polite and friendly. ('Crow' and 'Reco' can confirm that) He became quite friendly with a person with the nick name "Crow". He talked for an hour or two on a couple of occasions. Everything seemed fine... but then today for no reason what so ever, this happened to him... (His nick name is Corson) ..........
Session Start: Fri Jul 13 11:04:05 2000 (NZ time)
*** Now talking in #UFO (Chatnet)
[AvENgEr] moby. which of us calls the shot?
[moby`] ur turn i think
[AvENgEr] nahh, it's crow channel, I can't do it without the forplay
[AvENgEr] corson: how r u?
[moby`] ur learning..its all about style
[moby`] hi corson
[Corson] Crow is a cool dude.
[AvENgEr] yup, u can't just go hack and slash
[AvENgEr] corson? r u with us?
[AvENgEr] really? have u met him?
[moby`] i agree .tell vk that
[AvENgEr] do u happen to recall where he lives?
[AvENgEr] or whats his real name?
[Corson] how are you all, lets have a pint.
[moby`] so where are u from corson
[Corson] New Zealand.
[AvENgEr] is it a friend or a foe, moby?
[vk] upto u veng
[moby`] so how long have u been coming to #ufo
[Corson] this channel is better than Undernet #UFO
[moby`] veng its now
[vk] who u know on undernet then
[AvENgEr] u'r the chief
[AvENgEr] Corson, may I show u the exit?
[moby`] when ur ready veng
[Corson] would anyone like to read some sweet words about #UFO Undernet ? .... or would you rather see some Art.
[moby`] now veng
Session Close: Fri Jul 13 11:11:28 2001
As you can see, he knew they were up to something right from the start, and he tried to chitchat to be friendly... but they really wanted a good kick and ban. And it might be because they never talk about UFOs They just own the #UFO channel and get a thrill out of kicking and banning people. They also might be working with a particular #UFO chat channel in IRC. The conclusion might be that UFO debunkers and paid skeptics run some or most of the IRC #UFO chat channels. If you have any information about this problem... please post it here at the UFO 'News Groups' Public Message Search Engine...

There are also hundreds of bad people or just Debunkers around the internet 'news groups' that follow the same path of lies and hate of goodness and truth. Certainly some of them have a job to do to keep crashed UFOs secret for National Security. But other people are just plain bad. You bad people and liars and haters of goodness and truth are being watched in some degree or other by technology that you wouldn't believe in your wildest dreams. You liars and haters of goodness and truth are now going to have to change your ways. This is not hate. This is love.

And you haven't seen anything yet!

------ Further Reading from a friend -------
(Warning: contains harsh language)
(NOTE: not a good decision maybe, but we decided to include the following from a friend as alternative reading)
.................................................. ahh... so all these old top brass are finally coming forward now to state the f@&king obvious. Is it because they now have children growing up in this sh#t hole, and they have realized that they are stuck here too.... and that if we don't all pull together and get this planet back on track, then we are ALL F@&KING DOOMED TO DIE. I have chosen in my lifetime not to have any children because we can see that there is no hope for anyone the way things are going. That is why child suicide is up, because children see no future... isn't it so f@&king sad.

------- The End ------------
Have a great day!
Other people that have helped bring out the facts about UFOs... Com. Sgt. Maj. Robert O' Dean, Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, Jorge Martin, Maj. US Army. Capt. Virgil Armstrong, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Stanton T. Friedman, Bob Lazar, Travis Walton and Mike Rogers, John Callahan, former Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch, FAA; Master Sergeant Dan Morris, former US Air Force and NRO operative with cosmic top secret clearance; Dr. Carol Rosin, space missile defense consultant and former spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun; Graham Bethune, retired Navy commander pilot with a top-secret clearance; Michael Smith, former Air Traffic Controller, US Air Force; Sergeant Clifford Stone, Dr Steven Greer, United States Army; Lt. Col. Robert Salas, former SAC Launch Controller, US Air Force and FAA, and Major George A. Filer III, former Air Force Intelligence Officer and flier. Thank you all very much indeed! Good words related to UFOs...... No need to read from here.... Streaming realvideo REAL format video update Ufo news truth area51 S4 groom lake Roswell extraterrestrials facts. The Milky Way Galaxy contains lots of intelligent life apart from us on planet Earth. CSETI UFO disclosure event aliens free alien. NASA shuttle Apollo astronauts updated recent sightings top secret R&D technologies DIA flying saucer eyes only videos links free updates new ufo alien NORAD extraterrestrial vehicle evidence facts UFO sites alien UFO chat windows media asx streaming cosmic top secret crypto security clearance live video Corona UFOs. online free video pictures ASX videos movies extraterrestrial real format mpg avi gallery video galleries clubs SETI ETs and echelon UFO video evidence online pine gap latest ufo coverup news updates. REAL video gallery CSETI & Paradigm Research Group video galleries SETI ETs and echelon NSA CIA NASA JPL ONI NRO Area51 Air Force Northrup Boeing ETC crash Greys ET species Corteum USAF NSA ACIO IPU project bluebook cover-up pine gap latest streaming REALvideo ufo news updates.
(C) yours to share around the World.
All the information above may be true or false. maybe all the information above is fiction not intending to discredit anyone or anything. Luckily you are free to decide and investigate :)

P.S. you won't hear much on TV about this until TV1, TV2, TV3, TV4, TV5, TV6, FOX NEWS, CNN, BBC, ABCNEWS, NBC, 60MINUTES, etc... decide what to do, and when. They don't want people to worry or panic, and that is fine. But you can be one step ahead and enjoy the free videos above. And for all the good religious people around the World..... the many videos above don't discredit God or the faith.
God, good people, and good Extraterrestrials bless you. It is the year 2002, and the future will get better from now. Because we all will have better education, better schools, better universities, and truth.

(C) 2001. 2002. Web page maintained by David Evans, Misha Howard, SpaceScii, Julie Fisher, Rachel Hunt, Mirko Mantoan, Warren Jamison, Masa Kubota, Steve.W, Sam Wong, Jimbo, Trireto, Jack Lucas, Chris, Yoshi Takahashi, Mark.W, Karl Jackson, Sir Horry Patter (UseNet addict), Scott, and Lynn Stevens. (International UFO Disclosure Project supporters) + (Others Networking) All information above may be fact or fiction. All information above collected from or and log files, maintained as archive only. You may copy or investigate anything you like.

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Archive Storage: Shocked by the terrorism and anti-USA sentiment by a few people around the world, we have a few articles here archived from members and friend's messages online. whatever you know about life on planet earth, there is still plenty of truth in these archives...

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