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World Police for Harmony?

Sept. 2001. WASHINGTON (AP) - "Armed guards may become almost as much a part of air travel as pilots and flight attendants as the government rushes to get hundreds of new marshals on board airliners....... while the FAA begins to train a new generation of marshals to provide security on airplanes."
Wonderful news.


BBC - "The US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that while Bin Laden's capture would be welcome, it would not deal with those who shelter terrorists or the organization which he belonged to."

So, we have to do something about that. Personally I would invite the leaders of Russia, China, America, and other countries and ask them a question.....
Q: Do you want to make money, enjoy peace, explore education, take care of this planet, and create a better future? ...... they would all probably say yes. And that they are doing just that. i.e. Russia is working hard. China is creating wealth and technology. etc.. etc... ...and small groups of people in poorer countries will be envious, and violent, and become terrorists, instead of getting on with life. So we are being disturbed by terrorists and they can attack any of you at anytime. In China they have police, in Russia and America they have police. So why doesn't the Planet Earth have police?

Some people might be worried about the thought. Imagine a force of 5 million police made up of Chinese, Brazilians, Australians, Germans, Japanese, Americans, Russians, Palestinians, Israelis, Africans, etc... etc... ...They are educated, happy, and enjoy their work. .... and that police force has the power to enter any country on Earth and remove terrorists.
wow, oooh, just imagine that!
People would say, "who is going to be in charge of the police?"
1. Who is in charge of the ants nest?
2. Who is in charge of the bees?
3. Who is in charge of intelligent extraterrestrials surveying Planet Earth?
4. Who is in charge of your country?
That's where the answer is.
Countries can vote. Individuals can vote. _______________________________________________
We can't have terrorists destroying innocent human families _______________________________________________

The fact is, that all and whoever helped in the recent terrorism have achieved only one thing. 'Complete attention to themselves'. They won't destroy peace or democracy. They have only attracted the attention of the whole world, military, intelligence, and the unseen super powers. Those terrorist minded people could have just enjoyed life, the internet, built TV stations, shared knowledge, looked after their public, their religions, countries, and culture. But, no, they want to stay in control their way. They want to be barbaric and violent. They want to kill innocent people and destroy families. They don't look after their own populations, they just became terrorists and hoodlums, blaming America for their problems. For Example, North Korea today could build factories, research food production techniques via the free information on the internet, and create a peaceful successful society. America created and allow an international internet. All the answers to peace and success are on the internet.
People need to educate the terrorists and all countries that if they are allowed to continue, or if they are allowed to play with nuclear weapons or explode atomic bombs...... everyone on this planet will suffer. That fact needs to be given on every TV and radio in every part of the world everyday, until the problem is removed.
Another example..... After World War2 Russia and America built "the wall" in Germany. Russia and America didn't wipe everything off the face of Germany to grow jungles and forests. Russia and America let Germany's people re-develop. So that's what is needed between Israel and Palestine. "a wall". Just like two teenagers fighting are separated by police. They are spoken to, and educated. Eventually they wouldn't need the wall. (just like Germany) If they don't want a wall....... then Israel will have to move to a new city in America or somewhere. Because from what I have seen on TV and around the internet, is, the Israelis like the American life style.
There is a lot more I could say, and I know people will pick holes in my words. But it all just comes down to common sense.
(C) Yours to share around the World. All the information above may be true or false. All the information above maybe fact or fiction not intending to discredit anyone or anything. We don't have all the answers.

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