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A better Future with Democracy

Like many around the world I felt deep shock, horrible sadness, and extreme anger, at the time of the terrible news on the 11th of September. Over the past few days I have been reading everything related to the disaster at ...

Also reading everything at since the 11th can be really mind exercising stuff. Now I feel the following...
(1) People in the old Roman days would retaliate with the biggest army and most powerful weapons to nail as many suspects as possible to crosses and trees. They would burn every village everywhere.
(2) People in the year 2301 would quietly and efficiently track and pick out the responsible individuals. Then understand the faults in airport security and airline safety. etc. Things would very quickly get back to normal with vast improvements in a variety of areas.
Q: Would you like (1) or (2) ?
...Personally I have always been bewildered as to how easy it has been on all my 747 flights to walk up to the airline pilots and see or touch them. I always look at things in life as if I'm watching from space. I also always look at things in life as if they belonged to me. And 'I do to others as I would have them do to me'. (But friends have often called me paranoid) e.g...
(A) If I ever worked on the 108th floor on any building I would probably own a parapent.
(B) If I owned one 747 jet I would always hire three security agents to protect my plane, pilots, and customers. One of those agents would know how to pilot. Even those agents personal life would be under constant surveillance with various devices and highly paid.
It has taken democracy and humankind on Earth so many hundreds and thousands of years of living inhumane, freezing, painful, hungry, or searing hot, thirsty, hard years to get to where we are now in the year 2001.

Over the past few days I've read some hairy scary prophets and ideas around the internet. Even Websites talking about Nuclear war and the use of Atomic bomb devices to get revenge. But every country on Earth should know that if anyone on Earth continues to detonate them..... we could loose part or most of the Earths wonderful atmosphere currently protecting everyone from the suns radiation. That is not an option.

But in actual fact... most of everyone on this planet that expected a happy 2001 Christmas and a prosperous 2002 New Year, Will enjoy exactly that. We have to understand, why are we doing everything in our democratic lives today?
1. We are all trying for, and achieving, a good life.
2. We are getting closer to traveling around space.
(Huge, life supporting, space traveling, space stations, with support craft, etc, are just 3 - 5 generations into our future. I half know or believe that futuristic shielding technology to protect those space stations from meteorites or meteoroids, etc, is in development. And without a doubt there are many top secret technological developments being researched throughout democratic countries right now, and have been for many years) For those reasons above we must have faith. Hold goodness and love in our hearts. Continue with our good work and improvements. And keep healthy and happy. The future will get better.

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