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The USA dream * Democracy + the Future... (education)

I've been lucky to have lived in a Democratic country to be able to study all and any religion I want. I can wear any style of clothing I like. I'm allowed to educate myself from unlimited data bases. You know last Saturday instead of sitting in front of my computer 16 - 18 hours a day working or studying. (this I enjoy). Or instead of relaxing watching a documentary or movie, or weight training, or gardening... I went to the sea side. People there were riding new bikes, roller blades, skateboards, or cars. Everyone dressed in a variety of their favorite clothing. People playing sports on the lawns or beach. Some people were fishing in the ocean. Excellent shops, libraries, services, and cafes. With many nice houses on the surrounding hills. Wonderful freedom and outstanding safety. etc. And I thought to myself that I could go to somewhere in Germany and take a photo just the same as that view. I could go to the United Kingdom, or Australia, or Japan, or many other countries, and take a very similar photo.
That is democracy, education, and freedom.
However, there are certain individuals, religions, and countries on this Planet Earth that keep people in a narrow state of mind. That is the problem.
(see my '60 minutes' report below)
Good Future:
In the not so distant future. (I'd say less than 10 years from now) You will buy a Microwave oven, or Television, or Radio... and included with that device will be CYC. "CYC technology" enables you to ask any question you like. And CYC will talk with you, and answer all questions. Programmed with the Encyclopedia Britannica, History, Science, the ability to converse and learn. You will be able to ask your Microwave oven how microwaves were discovered, why does the food get hot, what happens if I cook the food too long.... etc. Or ask it about Nutrition, Vitamins, Health, Diets, Milk, Water, World War 1, Space Telescopes, Religions, Pollution, Electricity, History, over population, and almost anything...
That is democracy, education, and freedom.
By the way, the excellent documentary '60 minutes' showing ABC news footage of interviews with Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, and Muslim University Students from other parts of the world saying that Osama bin Laden is their hero, and that every 5th Muslim child born today is named Osama. And that if Democracy jails or kills the terrorists and leaders... others will take their place. (if that is true) (and if it is that fanatical) then Planet Earth has a major problem today. I'm very happy to know that the USA and Allies have advanced intelligence and technology that hardly anyone on this planet knows about. After reading or seeing all the news, websites, conspiracies, fiction, non-fiction, documentaries, history, religions, scientific discoveries, books, a little leaked intelligence, and pretty much the whole picture...
I just want to say please God, good people, and good extraterrestrials, bless you geniuses and democracy on this Planet Earth.

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