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TV media - Honesty - Reality - God

(someone on the internet said)...
>> today's shows make sorted references to bodily functions, bodily parts, >>gutter language and use just about every vulgar thing one could think of.


I just don't watch TV much anymore. (except documentaries and sometimes news) I hire movies, and if the movie is crap, I turn it off, and get on with my life. There is plenty to do and plenty of information on the internet. And as for "bodily functions"... My father is one of the most honest, kind, serious men I have ever met. Even his farts are honest. And when he farts we all laugh, because it is reality and honest. That's what happened to TV media. Freedom, reality, and honesty. etc. You are free in America to pick and choose, or stop your kids from watching TV when you are not home. You can stop your kids from using the internet when you are not home too. Kids need good honest guidance from faithful, kind, trustworthy adults, in a world and a galaxy that is honest reality. Don't blame TV for vulgar stuff. I see vulgar most mornings in the toilet. It is not my fault, or TV's fault, it is reality. And that is how clever the evolution of the system called Democracy is. We will one day see more of the Milky Way Galaxy. I'm certain the Galaxy is abound with life, honesty, love, and kindness. But some of it might be vulgar in some form or another. The human mind at that time will be prepared and educated.
(that someone on the internet said)...
>> When the media succeeds in stamping out God from public life, there will be no America.


I believe God is everywhere, in the galaxy, the universe, in the rocks, the trees, your TV, your body. Nothing can stamp God out.

Just be educated, happy, and good.

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