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(Reuters) - "President Bush visited a mosque on Monday to urge that Muslim Americans be treated with respect after last week's attacks, saying, The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam."
Very good.
(LA times) - Anti-Muslim Violence Up, Officials Say.
That's no good. Racism by uneducated individuals will spread to the news headlines. Especially if a good guy is killed, or if an old lady is beaten. That kind of racism in the news headlines could cause thousands or millions of uneducated narrow minded people from around the world to rise up and make some big mistakes. Global warnings of incarceration or harsh treatment toward racist individuals must be broadcast with a louder voice via TV, Radio, and Internet. That is one of the most important parts of the puzzle. Because we are all looking for answers. -------- And if countries don't support goodness and freedom they may witness a day worse than seen recently. What I mean is..... the world public have two choices.
1. Support, help, and harbor terrorists. or......
2. Support, help, and understand the goodness in America.
Some people must get tired of us saying, seek goodness, bless America, choose sides..... so I will give you a very good example of America right now. Watch the movie "The Insider". (1999) That is a perfect example of the evolution of the system called the USA. UK, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, and many other countries have this same system.
a) If you have studied all of history...
b) And watched all the news, documentaries, and movies... (from around the world)
c) And you have traveled to other countries...
d) Also reading as much as possible on the internet for many years...
e) Have friends from many different countries...
f) And you are generally a good person...

Then you will choose the right side, and speak up about it. You will be rational and non-racist and help America. Because if countries and people of the world do not "be rational and non-racist and help America".... then people could predict a kind of judgement day. Yes, I'm sorry I said that big word 'judgement day'. What that means for everyone on Earth....... I will not explain now.
(but it is based on technology)
We respect peoples religions. We respect Islam. And Christianity. etc... (we have studied a lot about many religions) And you should respect our religion. Our belief is that there is all kinds of life throughout the Galaxy and the Universe. And some of the intelligent life is surveying Earth. And have been for many years. (we have a variety of evidence for this at our website) These extraterrestrial people that are "surveying Earth" are wondering if any group or individual is going to be stupid enough to us nuclear devices or atomic bombs in an act of terrorism. Certain groups of people on this planet are stuck in their own little ways. This is the problem. If you as an individual want to learn about our belief...
1. Read the Encyclopedia Britannica.
2. Find good honest friends from every country on this planet.
3. Visit our free website. (sorry about the popup Ads)
4. Read some of Timothy Good's books. i.e. 'Alien Base'. (that book has not been banned, and Timothy has not been sued) We don't expect you to study our belief, or Islam, or Christianity......(etc) but if you want a better future, you will study all of them.

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