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Japan - Germany - Allies - Media

It was good to see a major news item at about Japans support for America. And Japanese military activity and capabilities. It is good to hear that Germany is supporting USA too. I've studied a lot about World War 1 and WW2. And it gives me the biggest smile today to see Germany and Japan as powerful Democratic countries supporting America in this moment of truth. And nice to see a large percentage of the population of Pakistan out in the streets in support of the USA, then someone threw a hand-grenade into the crowd. (terrorism, the cancer of this planet, year 2001) Terrorism = I don't like your beliefs, music, clothing.... so I am going to destroy your country. In America, Germany, and Japan, you are free to listen to any music, wear any clothing, and have any belief. That is freedom. And because there is so much information and education... people become educated about the world, cultures, love, music, planet earth, space, and many beliefs. etc. ---- On 'prime time' TV3 (NZ) news here, they have 30 minutes to educate and give the public any information they want. (normally leading news, sport, culture, then weather) Last night they showed President Bush making a small grammatical error in his long speech. The public showing of that footage on prime time news certainly does prove how free we are, in Democratic countries. But I felt sad that of all the hours of good film they could have shared with the population.... they decided to show 15 seconds of film of the hard working, doing his best, good president Bush, making one little grammatical mistake. TV1 (NZ) didn't show it. I must say that TV3 once or twice a year do a 10 second bit on crop circles or maybe UFOs. They are afraid to show anything really good and truthful about crop circles or UFOs. (The 'news reader' mostly has a smirk at the time) The media 'powers that be' would never allow the "Disclosure Project" to become big news on TV3 or TV1. But they make a big deal about the presidents grammatical mistake saying "should we question the presidents command of the English language". That crap makes me wonder who the heck is in control of 'TV world news' here. ----- Speaking of TV1, last night they had a 'current affairs' talk back show featuring David Lange, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1984-89. I just searched for his name at to confirm spelling. Because I have always admired David Lange, and I believe David Lange is a genius, if not just a genius at debating. But funnily enough, after I just searched for his name at this was the first 'search result'... "Secret Power - Foreword by David Lange" ... I don't really relate to that page. (written by David Lange?) As some of you know I stated this before... "Imagine you in the year 2508.You are on a huge interstellar space craft. Would you expect to be able to sit in a toilet and write 'f--k this ship' on the wall? Without the ships systems knowing? Would you expect to be able to whisper very quietly into your lover's ears about blowing the ship up?" Note: there is a difference between 'Freedom' and 'Privacy'.

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