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If someone entered your house destroyed your furniture, crashed the building and everything, burnt your daughter, smashed your wife and mother, and tried to make you broke by taking your money... you would call the police, and the police might help you if you ask them politely with respect. You would hope the police lock up or kill the evil people. Life on Planet Earth is simple. Many Democratic countries on Earth have laws. The laws are simple too.

1. Don't hijack planes.
2. Don't murder people.
3. Don't blow up buildings.

We have many friends in China and Russia. The laws are the same there. Chinese police and Russian police would kill you. China and Russia must be friendly to America and help. This is the year 2001 with the best brains and technology from Allied Democratic countries to wipe out this narrow minded, twisted evil on Earth. It is only when the good Allies correct the heavily corrupt, close minded, unfair domination of very dangerous, terrorist minded individuals and societies... will the world be able to share better technologies more freely without worry of rogue countries acquiring that 'peaceful advanced technology' to make weapons. If China, Russia, America and other powerful countries could be good friends... the future for Planet Earth could be wonderful. I make it all sound so simple. Well, it is! -------- I went to a nice party last night with Malaysians, Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Germans, and many other people. All English language students here. And everyone had a peaceful wonderful fun evening. That is the new generation. The future of Planet Earth. With laws, honesty, friendly smiles, entertaining or educational discussions, and determination to be friendly and kind.

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